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Configure meMap 'Stress Stuff to Best Stuff'

Your App will attempt to create a thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing multi-sensory reference point for all things inspiring, motivating, happy-making, or likely to contribute to easier healthier living. A reference point or map of the best stuff you have available to make a day go well and feel good. This should include a 'jumble' of all kinds of positive reminders to help you to maintain connections to what is, was, or could be, pretty great in your life. But also narrower focal points to provide more specific direction in the search for days where you live easy and be the person you want to be. The piece 'The value of assembling your best stuff' on the Get started page explains the value of this. The following questions are designed to create a useful template for your 'Best Stuff Map' (your reference point for easy-living, highly fulfilled wellbeing). But do bear in mind, only you really know your life - ultimately the version of the Best Stuff Map you create over time is where the magic happens. Hopefully what we do with the info below will offer you a useful start - and you are encouraged to suspend any scepticism and go with it. But what we do will inevitably feel a little clunky. So don't fight anything that doesn't work for you - where offered the choice, opt out (you can also quicky delete any 'Bubbles' which feel too much after the App is configured).

When the day feels right

The essence of a day which feels good and 'right' is pretty hard to capture or describe. Music can be a useful shortcut to this. Which music puts a spring in your step, or takes you away from the mundane towards your 'higher' values, or centres you in yourself, or calms and relaxes you?

Name the song or music (for long titles use any shorthand you want)

Use the present tense to describe how this music makes you feel. How does your track get your day on a good track?

A time and place when everything was wonderful

Think of an inspiring place where you have strong recollection of feeling at ease, free to live life how you want to, and really content. meMap will encourage you to use this place as a key focal point for what life is capable of being - so take a moment to choose carefully. Give it a name:

Visualise yourself in that scene/memory. Use the present tense to describe how you are feeling great and 'centred' and free at this place. Include any details, sounds, smells - the view - which bring this memory alive for you:

Ultimate relaxation

What does your deepest state of really easy peaceful relaxation feel like? Whether it is during meditation, in the bath, lying in the garden, being in nature... ...whatever it is, how do the sensations feel to you? Try to describe the essence of this relaxed state in the present tense:

A scene in the future you want

Where would you like your life to head? Which qualities do you thirst to have? Envisage a scene from a typical day in the future where you are fulfilling your life purpose. Take a snapshot of the kind of moment which could realistically exist. If this snapshot was a photo, how would others describe the person they see? What kinds of feelings are the person in the snapshot experiencing?

A day changing perception

A day saver is a tool that you have in your locker which can turn your experience of a day from worse to better, difficult to easier. If you have tools like these why not make explicit reminders that they are there to use? For example, you may once have sat on a hillside and seen your values and priorities in life extremely clearly - a reminder of how you saw things on the hill may be a day saver which puts any worries, stress, etc into context. Alternatively, trigger thoughts or coping strategies for dealing with difficult situations, excess stress, moments of anxiety, etc are natural day savers. Most people have beliefs or mantras about life or themselves which get lost in the rough and tumble of the day. Sometimes reminders or affirmations of what you believe and value save the day when it has strayed far beyond your clear thinking zone. Just as a reminder for you to add these kinds of helpful game-changers to your App later, describe the most motivational or helpul day saving belief you can think of:

The healthiest wellbeing you sometimes find

Maybe it is after a swim or a run, when you get some sea air, or after a spa visit: when is it that you most feel physically great and healthy? Try to recall the key physical sensations which really signal to you that you are FEELING at your best. Describe them in a few sentences which begin, 'When I feel great my...'. Try not to be abstract: try to focus on what goes on with you from top to toe. Part of the value of this is that when you are not feeling quite so brilliant, you have a checklist of how you CAN feel good, and of the parts of you which may need some love and attention before you can get better connected to your best stuff.

An inspiring film

Think of a film that inspires you, takes you to a different place. It may be the panoramic landscapes, incredible cities or strong characters - whatever ignites your imagination.

When you are done add your App code here (find this code by pressing the Configure App menu option from the main menu at the top right of the home screen of the meMap 'Stress Stuff to Best Stuff' App). Then click Configure.