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MEMap Lighter Load is a free mobile App for people with ME or CFS. It is designed to build a direction of travel from 'the rocky place where you find yourself'* to the flattest, easiest most rewarding and healing terrain you can find

* Description of ME by retired professor Tony Pinching, NHS consultant much loved by ME patients

People who experience ME often attempt significant lifestyle changes designed to build recovery or soften the impact of stress or illness. A noticeable trend among ME recoverers is a rather personal journey towards a life that does a better job of nourishing them and fitting who they are.
MEMap Lighter Load is designed to capture that journey, bring it to life and make it doable and engaging. The MEMap principle is simple: find ways to minimise stress and depleting things (practical issues, unhelpful habits, emotional stuff), strengthen connections to ANYTHING which nourishes you, get reconnected to the wellbeing you previously knew and want again.
Your own photos and animated text capture and bottle your best insights and most inspired thinking about what works for you - so, rather than getting lost in brainfog, they guide you through the day. Relaxation, visualisation and change techniques help you make days different.

Or put another way: "we are convinced of the value of taking a little time to bottle the best wisdom you have about finding easier wellbeing in our App, and using it to keep engaged with where you want to get to and anything standing in your way"

To get MEMap Lighter Load the link for your Android device is: Google play store

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MEMap is grateful for the generous support of:

Relaxation audio was written and produced, and very kindly donated to the project, by Linda Hall. Her understanding of ME and generosity towards those who experience it very much informs her great work. Click the logo for a link to Linda's Support Programme for ME/Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia.

You can donate to keep MEMap going using PayPal:

MEMap helps isolate any load you carry, anthing that stresses you and things which deplete your energies. It offers techniques to keep building a direction of travel towards what YOU think easier wellbeing should feel like. In more detail:-

Identify and tackle stressors, load on your shoulders and anything that depletes

These could include:-

Lifestyle stress and avoidable environmental stressors.

Worries or anxiety of any kind.

Those individual ME symptoms you may be able to ease or soften.

Any load you carry. The deep stuff that may need professional support. The smaller stuff your poor health may be 'asking' you to offload.

Whatever depletes your energy and resources (the demands or expectations of others, self-criticism, etc).

A format is offered to identify, express, get to know, and unpick anything of this kind which is getting in the way of you living at a low load, low stress, easy-on-self, more relaxed healing place. Space is offered to 'bottle' both the great solutions you already have (and probably underuse), AND new strategies you want reminders about. The App comes pre-populated with areas of stress ME recoverers report to be fruitful. You can read about them on this website here and here.

Get a direction of travel running through the day: away from things which are stressful and depleting, towards easy-on-self wellness

Humans (and their brains) are creatures of habit. Build habits which shift the day from the things that stress, over-load or deplete you, towards absolutely anything that promotes wellbeing or the most stressless relaxed living possible. Utilise any method or technique which works for and suits you. For example:-

The App includes a relaxation technique to dial stress down towards calmed, more centred healing states.

A visualisation technique uses the creative/emotional ('right') brain to create a journey from the difficult or uncomfortable place you are, to somewhere better - based on your own experience of an easier, healthier time in your life. This works because it is believed that, to a degree, a visualised state of being can have 'the same essential quality of experience in the body' as a genuinely lived state of being.

The App is designed to unleash your forensic, intuitive and creative skills to develop better and better ways to resolve issues which leave a weight on your shoulders.

The App helps you take advantage of the plasticity of the brain reported by neuroscientists: facilitate change by allowing your brain pathways to be as familiar as possible with wellness-enhancing states of being and how you want life to be.

Develop EVERYTHING that builds wellbeing and relaxed healing states

A Wellness Map is your own 'greatest hits' of ANY kind of connection, reminder, strategy or insight which may bring greater relaxation, easier health, happiness, focus or inspiration into the day. It could include or involve:-

Inspiring 'aspirational' photos and descriptions that really speak to you about what healthy, easier, low maintenance living means to you. Develop your best motivational messages. Make reconnections to the 'real' you which may have got buried beneath illness. Dare, even, to dream.

Reminders about how - and how good - the deeper relaxed healing states you DO find feel.

Creating a focus so clear that it draws you towards it. Establish a clear picture of EXACTLY what your fabulously healthy life is going to look like.

Your best day saving wisdom - what are the key strategies and life wisdom which work for you when a day is not going so well?