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Caution!!! All the Subject Areas you have previously saved in this library will be permanently deleted from the browser storage

Build library of Subject Areas

Your library can contain up to 30 Subject Areas. Select an existing Subject Area from the selector directly below to edit it. Or select 'Select me to add Subject Area' to add a heading and description for a new Subject Area. Click Save when done (this will reload the page). If you edit Subject Areas on this page, this will not affect any Subject Areas which you may have already added and saved on the 'Send Frames' page.

Heading for Subject Area:

Description of Subject Area:

The button below will create a .txt file of the Subject Areas you have saved. If you use this utility please save the file with a meaningful name to a location of your choice. When opening the file please use a wordprocessor like Word or Wordpad (clicking on the file's icon may open it in an unsophisticated tool like Notepad which will not format the file. Try a different word processor or text editor if your preferred choice does not fully handle the file generated).

The 'Send full Subject Areas library' button on the Send Frames page can be used to send the entire currently saved library as viewable on this page to a client