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The MEMap App for your Android device is available here: Google play store

The MEMap project is a patient-led initiative designed for those people with ME or CFS ('PWME') who want to take a positive, proactive or creative approach to the confusing and conflicting information they receive about their illness. Until the admirable campaigns for better biomedical research and services get results, PWME are often left to piece together medical theories about ME themselves. Since this is proving tough for clinicians, surely it is a thankless task for those of us with no training. MEMap proposes that PWME direct their focus to where they DO have genuine expertise - their own 'felt experience' of their illness. Developing 'world class' self-knowledge about what is happening to them puts people with ME in a very promising place: one thing 'ME recoverers' invariably report is building up a clear sense of how their illness developed and why it ultimately went away. MEMap helps users take a forensic, intuitive, creative approach to accumulating their own recovery wisdom - at whatever pace suits them. MEMap is an Android App. So what does it do?

MEMap helps you build a rich picture (or map!) of what wellness looks and feels like. Ever have a relapse that simply washes away all your hopeful thinking and good plans?

MEMap helps you break ME into manageable parts. Instead of being overwhelmed by the many symptoms associated with ME, the App encourages you to eliminate stressors, and to change, bit by bit, the things that CAN be changed and eased.

MEMap offers you 'App- sized' versions of tools PWME have successfully used to build recovery

To make MEMap doable it features remote configuration and intervention for users too unwell to manage alone. If we can, we will help you with this. Many with ME commonly experience a very draining process of spending vast sums in search of recovery. Therefore the App is completely free. There is a donate button at the bottom of the page for anyone wishing to help with our costs.
To examine the detailed thinking behind MEMap look at the MEMap explained page. To view a step by step guide to the fullest use of the App see the step by step guide. To simply get started click here.
The MEMap App is designed to be a thing of beauty so that it feels genuinely pleasing to hold it in your hand and (hopefully) feel it neatly summarises the most essential information about your future wellbeing. Unfortunately the low quality of a Youtube screen shot video of the App in action hardly illustrates the loveliness of the App. But hopefully this video offers you a flavour of MEMap:-

Some quick health warnings:- The MEMap App or website intends NO recommendation that PWME increase their activity levels - or refrain from seeking and following the advice of fully qualified medical practitioners. The ME community is a diverse one: no sentence written or thought conveyed in this project necessarily says anything about the history or experience of any one individual with ME. We have struggled during the project to reconcile, on one hand, the needs of ME recoverers who felt they had to bypass a lot of negative info about ME to nurture belief that they would recover - and on the other hand, the need of those facing severe difficulties with ME to have the depth of the challenges they face fully recognised and dignified. After long experience of ME we simply believe that both truths do and should coexist. The ME optimists have solid evidence to think they can succeed. And we know PWME who have the most profoundly challenging lives which no App should claim to be able to resolve..

A 'light' version of MEMap is also available.

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Relaxation audio was written and produced, and very kindly donated to the project, by Linda Hall. Her understanding of ME and generosity towards those who experience it very much informs her great work. Click the logo for a link to Linda's Support Programme for ME/Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia.

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